1您想喝点儿什么?  What would you like to drink?
请来一杯咖啡。  Coffee, please.
晚餐您要牛肉还是要鱼?  What would you like for dinner, beef or fish?
您能给我杯水吗?    Can I have some water?
请给我一条毯子。    A blanket, please.

6请出示您的护照。 May I see your passport, please?    Here it is. (给。)
您在美国停留多长时间?   How long will you be staying in the United States?
我计划呆一个星期。 I plan to stay for a week.

9您来旅行的目的? What's the purpose of your visit?
我是来工作的。 I'm here on business.
您住哪儿?  Where are you staying?
在华盛顿饭店。  At the Washington Hotel.
您带了多少现金?  How much money do you have?
我有400美金和10万日元。  Four hundred dollars and one hundred thousand yen.
好了,祝您愉快!  Okay. Have a nice stay. /   Okay. Have a nice trip.
登机口在哪儿?  Where is the boarding gate?
这个航班开始登机了吗?  Has this flight begun boarding?

18几点到东京?  What time will we arrive inTokyo?  

19.大概两个多小时以后到东京。In about two hours.

20.我预订了一个房间。 I reserved a room for tonight.
请办入住手续。 Check in, please.
请帮我拿一下行李。 Take my baggage, please.
餐厅在哪儿?  Where is the dining room?
餐厅几点开门? What time does the dining room open?
几点吃早饭? What time can I have breakfast?
请换成现金。Cash, please
请帮我把这100美元换成520美元的。 Would you exchange this one hundred dollar to bill with five twenties?
我办退房手续。 Check out, please.

 29.这是我房间的钥匙。 Here's my room key.
这是您的账单。 Here's your bill. /Here's your check.
能帮我叫一辆出租车吗?  Could you call a taxi for me? /Can you get me a taxi, please?

32.请提供客房服务。 Room service, please.
请提供叫早服务。 A wake-up call, please.

34我可以借一下吹风机吗?  Can I borrow a hair dryer?

35请送一壶咖啡。 Please bring me a pot of coffee

36请提供洗衣服务。 Laundry service, please.  
请告诉我您的房间号码。 Your room number, please.

37隔壁太吵了。 The room next door is noisy.

38  要一个汉堡和一杯冰茶。 I'd like a hamburger and an iced tea.

39您是在这儿吃吗? Will you be eating here? 

40不,带走I'd like it to go, please.。(此处没音频)

41在这儿吃。 For here, please.



42这附近您能推荐家好吃的饭馆吗? Could you recommend a good restaurant near here?

43我想吃意大利菜。 I'd like some Italian food.

44这附近有没有还在营业的饭馆? Are there any restaurants still open near here?

45我需要预订吗? Do I need a reservation?

46您好,这是公园餐厅。我可以为您服务吗? Hello, this is the Park Restaurant. May I help you?

47我想订餐。今天晚上6点,8个人的位子。 I'd like to make a reservation for eight people at six o'clock tonight.

48对不起,今天晚上都订满了。 I'm sorry. We're all booked up tonight.

49要等多长时间?  How long is the wait? /How long do we have to wait?

50一直营业到几点?  How late are you open?   11点。Until eleven.

51我怎么才能到那儿?  How do I get there?

52可以用信用卡吗? Do you accept credit cards?


53请给我菜单。 Could I have a menu, please?

54点菜吗?/您来点点儿什么? May I take your order? /What would you like? /What will you have?/ Are you ready to order yet?

55有什么菜可以推荐的吗? What do you recommend?

56我们店的海鲜很可口。The seafood is good here. (此处没有音频)

57我想要和那个一样的。 Can I have the same as that?

58我要一份牛排。 I'd like a steak. /I want a steak.

59我要红葡萄酒。 I'd like some red wine, please.

60要几成熟的? How would you like it? /How would you like it done? /How would you like your steak cooked? /How would you like your steak prepared?

60烤熟点。 Well-done, please. *rare“三成熟(中嫩的)”medium “适中的,半成熟well-done “烤得熟的,八成熟


61这个好吃吗? Is this delicious? /Does this taste good?  好吃。 It's good.

62请把盐递给我。 Please pass me the salt.

63这是什么鱼? What kind of fish is this? 啊,那是金枪鱼。Oh, that's tuna.

64真辣! It's spicy./ It's hot.   真咸。 It's salty. 真甜。 It's sweet. 真脆。 It's crispy.


65旅游信息问讯处在哪儿?  Where's the tourist information center?

66能给我一张免费城市地图吗?  May I have a free city map?

67博物馆几点开馆?  When does the museum open?  博物馆几点闭馆?  When does    the museum close?

68能告诉我这座城市有哪些好玩的地方吗?  Please tell me about some interesting places in this town.

69您对什么感兴趣?  What are your interests? /What are you interested in?/ What kind of things are you interested in? / What do you like?

70请告诉我去的路线。 Please show me the way.

71入场券多少钱? How much is admission?

72那个建筑物是什么?  What's that building?

73它的历史有多久? How old is it?

74我们能进到里面吗? Can we go in?  Of course. (当然能。)

75我们去看看那座城堡吧。 Let's go to see the castle.

76多美的景色呀! What a beautiful view!

77我想休息一会儿。 I want to rest a while.

78您能给我们照张相吗? Would you take a picture for us? /Will you take a picture of us?

79能和我一起照张相吗? Would you mind posing with me?

80哪儿有礼品店? Where is the gift shop?

81洗手间在哪儿? Where's the bathroom?

82出去然后往左拐。 It's outside, to the left.

83我能走得到吗? Can I walk there?


84认识您我很高兴。 Glad to meet you.

85最近怎么样? How have you been doing?

86很高兴又见到你。 I'm glad to see you again.

87祝你今天愉快!Have a nice day.

88祝你周末愉快! Have a nice weekend.

89希望不久能再见到你。 I hope to see you again soon.

90请代我向你的家人问好。 Please give my regards to your family.

91让我们保持联系。 Let's keep in touch.

92别客气,像在自己家一样。 Please feel free to make yourself at home.

93您尽兴。 Enjoy yourself! /Have a good time!

94洗手间在哪儿? Where's the bathroom?

95非常感谢您的盛情款待。 Thank you for inviting me. *用于要离开主人家时表示感谢的心情。

97凯恩女士,这位是我的上司佐藤先生。 Ms. Kane, this is Mr. Sato, my boss. 98很高兴认识您。 Nice to meet you.